A New Day and A New Blog

Over the last few months I have been growing into a new chapter of my life, in a new part of the USA, and in a new job. To commemorate this new chapter in my life, I figured it’s time to start a new blog.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog Confessions of an Undercover Geek, you may have noticed that I haven’t written for a while. I have been contemplating the idea of doing something new. Undercover Geek has served me well but I have decided to retire it.

I really love blogging as a medium for communication and collaboration. It has helped me get to amazing places. As I work to make my “ding in the universe,” this is where I will express my thoughts and flex my brain.

I will be writing about topics like various emerging technologies (mobile, Second Life, online video), the World Wide Web, community, collaboration, communication, and a bit about my life. I may do some interviews with other thought leaders. I may even dabble in audio or video podcasting.

As always, my blogging is a project of the communications consultancy MyCapitalWeb.com LLC.

What’s with the name “Oatmeal Stout”? It has no rhyme or reason. I was just looking for a random name that would stick in people’s heads. I would have to say that Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout is one of my favorite beers.

2 thoughts on “A New Day and A New Blog”

  1. Hey liking the new blog so far…want to let you know i added your new blog to my google reader and put you up on my blogroll! look forward to your future posts.


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