Mafia LIVE! – My New Favorite iPhone Game

I have a new iPhone game which I’m addicted to.  It’s called Mafia LIVE! (iTunes URL) It’s a mobile massive multiple role playing game and SOOO much fun.

At the start of the game, you’re a kid on the street who’s trying to start the biggest mafia family.  There are jobs for you to do, you fight other families (who are other people who play the game), you win money, buy equipment, and you buy real estate.  As time passes, collect skills, and experience, the more you have the ability to do.

As if this wasn’t addictive enough, the game has a bigger social component to it.  You create your mafia family by teaming up with your friends.  For example, my mafia family code is 200313114. (Invite me to your family :-)).  In the game you can enter my code and we can become a bigger family to do bigger things.   It even has address book integration so that you can send invites.

It’s a really fun game.

The most interesting part of the game is that it’s SUPER low-fi.  It’s not super fancy graphics.  It’s probably just a mobile Web site.

I wonder what kind of numbers the game gets.  I hope they’re tracking the numbers.  I bet they’re getting some crazy high engagement levels.

Now they just need to find out a way to keep people paying them money so that they can continue making cash even from the folks who’ve been playing the game for a while.  Would it be through ads?  Would you have to upgrade to a 2.0 version of the game, kind of like with the new World of Warcraft packs?

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642 thoughts on “Mafia LIVE! – My New Favorite iPhone Game

  1. TequilaBoy

    I have added you to my family (552 682 350)
    If I had some advice it would be to buy helmets and AK47’s for all family members. Beat 1023 family with only 249 members in my family.

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  3. Chiller

    Are you new to Mafia Life Iphone?
    If you want 10k and 9 Godfather points for the iPhone mafia game, you must have nobody in your family aside from yourself and post your e-mail or phone number here. I’ll invite you and you’ll use the code that you get in the email or text in your Consigliere in the game to get the $10k OR email“>—> 313 742 581—> 313 742 581<—, (don’t invite me if you don’t have anyone else in your family, use the method above!)

  4. Raptorboy75

    Hey guys.. I am going to add all of u to my family.. My code is: 913581823

    I have been wondering how to get my family bigger. Thanks!

  5. Mafia Live Master

    Want to join a HUGE Mafia Live family for protection? 115 000 592

    Join my family. I’m at well over 2000members and growing strong! I could offer your mob some very nice protection.

    115 000 592

  6. Alex

    My Tamil code is 164331806. Join my 60+ family and we will help u out. I accept all invites asap so send me an Inc soon

  7. Student 69




  8. Rampage

    More addictive than crack, can you imagine any more enjoyment out of 3 bucks ?

    ADD ME TOO ! 221 505 409

  9. Darren

    I am new to this game and I love it! But I don’t quite understand the family invites. There are a lot of codes here. Can I invite you all even if you are already in other families??

  10. Chiller

    invite me if you don’t have anyone else in your family, use ur mail app don´t til the game, i send u a code back and we get 10k + 9 point together

    the goodfahter point are extremly important in the game

    i have 600 fights and lose only 15 at level 20

    all others can add me too


  11. Shybull87

    Just lost everything switching to iphone 3g and have to restart mafia live from scratch!!! SO SO PISSED OFF!!!

    Please add me

    249 473 388

  12. kENNy

    i dont have a family, but would like to join a nice sized one.

    email :kkdarian at

    and tell me how to join.

    Lvl 26 here.

  13. Benzian

    This game is the BOMB DOT COM!

    Add me to the fam and we run the CITY!

    I have hella weapons! 5x grenade launchers


  14. Mafia Lover

    The only cheats i’ve found are for money.

    1 million/50 family—–203437721
    5 million-/100 family—-309072208

    good for a little money and family, but can only be used once a level

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    Send me yr email I’ll input it for 10k each and if u have no family I get 9 god father points or input my email for 10 k each or input my family code and we get 1 member each 256 09 1456. That’s the way it works :)


    Go to Invite Family Code and Enter

    455~935~781 – J
    270~540~517 – S
    157~075~912 – M
    586~339~5743 – A


  18. ABBASESSA 227--324--563

    I’m actually a member in the real Italian mafia and me and my pizons play this during nap time

    Add me for weapons money and women

  19. smith

    I found a new glitch that lets you get loyalty points without spamming your friends. Im afraid post it online but if you email me I will send you the instructions. best of luck.

    add me if you like as well: 114-806-896



  20. Geffeltanio

    I cant believe 912 872 931 gets you + one family member – its probably the best code I’ve found!

  21. johnitto

    Please add me, I am ranked level 55!!

    Lets dominate this game together!!

    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516
    221 273 516

  22. I Need to House People in my New Corporate Building














    and in case you needed a reminder,


  23. Dunamis

    How do I buy loyalty points. I keep trying but it shows up as an option screen? I can send money but who do I send it to?

    oh and add me


  24. nathan

    My Family code: 287 337 835
    My Family code: 287 337 835
    My Family code: 287 337 835
    My Family code: 287 337 835
    My Family code: 287 337 835
    My Family code: 287 337 835

  25. Brosephino

    I cant believe– 912 872 931 –gets you + one family member – its probably the best code I’ve found!!!

  26. jvsa-00

    In order to level up quicker my approach is to increase my defence and attack. As my energy is above 100 I waste very little when I don’t play regularly.

    If you want a strong family member add me: 135 179 680

  27. bammish

    What’s the best way to cash in zen points? I am going just for attach and defense evenly now…


    187 371 191

  28. Steve

    Add me – 189067110


    It won’t give you $1 Million, 10 extra mercenaries or half a dozen attack helicopters. I didn’t invent fire, or questionmarks, and my family doesn’t have 1000 people in it. Adding me won’t really make you win more fights, or make you richer. It’ll just an extra person to both our families. So go ahead and add me anyway. Or don’t…

  29. Jimmy

    107-556-563 add me
    107-556-563 add me107-556-563 add me

    //////////// ADDD MEEEEEEE!!!!
    107-556-563 add me

  30. Gasdoc

    OK: I am totally addicted to this game. Played it last week on vacation in Cozumel…I’m level 18, have 8 jewelry stores, 2 gas stations, and about 35 each defense and attack, 19 energy and 10 stamina. I’ve reached that point where I need to add PEOPLE in my family, I have plenty of money and all of the most expensive weapons.

    I’m confused. If I “add” people by accepting their codes, do I end up in their family, or do they end up in mine? I presume I end up in theirs, and they get the credit/loyalty points?

    Please advise…and ADD ME. I’m looking for lots of strong ass newbies like myself, and I play every day. I set my *timer* to remember to play…

    287 679 907

    And email me


  31. Peter L Bertacchi

    Question: If we use the free reset offered by game what happens? Do we start from beginning or are only certain stas or actions reset????

  32. Stephen

    Add me. Everyone in Family gets a helmet, a weapon and a cool ass car to drive. Equipment list includes 60 BMW’s, 11 Hummers, 13 Armored Trucks, 11 Maserati’s Limos and 3 Yacth’s to hang out on.

    197 278 311

  33. alucardunit1


  34. Mark

    Add me! POWERFUL family… many weapons, many members!!


  35. Kc K

    I found a zen cheat that gives you 30 extra zen points… It’s helpful if you keep losing battles. I put all mine on defense ;). The cheat is 197012163, I don’t think it matters where you enter it just try it I’m all the boxes. If anyone finds another cheat code PLEASE LET ME KNOW. It’s hard to find legit cheat codes for this game! Good luck and have fun :)

  36. RicoSeven

    223 129 208 Please add me. I need a bigger crew. Maybe i’ll stop getting jump first thing in the morning. Thanks

  37. Reggie


    ADD ME 206 391 444
    ADD ME 206 391 444
    ADD ME 206 391 444
    ADD ME 206 391 444
    ADD ME 206 391 444
    ADD ME 206 391 444

  38. LasagnaMafia

    An offer you can’t refuse……..ADD ME 267 712 123
    ADD ME 267 712 123

    Together we will take over the city and go nation wide!!!!

  39. note

    this game is like crack, i can’t put it down. it’s pissed off my girlfriend plent. yeah, iphone and yeah mafia live.

    family code ********162-44-1919********

  40. bob

    this is a cheat code it will get you one million dollars and all of the weapons and vehicles 166512559 add to family code!

  41. skysox10

    my family code is 343746016 ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Basetecchild

    Go to ebay and search mafia live. There’s a program that you can buy for 15 bucks that banks your money automatically so you don’t get robbed at night anymore. This thing kicks @ss!

  43. G8orfan4eva11

    Add me: 178 561 594

    I respond fast, would love to have more family members.

  44. Carbone_

    Hello, Level 75 here, please add the Carbone family, accepting all levels! 316 519 358

  45. Supersigi

    184 037 125 – Do you know the loyality hack? add me and get in contact in the game..

  46. BradyJay

    Add me! I’m a level 65 executioner, I never attack my own family!

    Family Code: 216-161-349

    I add new family members quick!

  47. Threeballs

    Please Add these two families for Mark of Mafia.
    I always and instantly add and share my passkeys as they are updated

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